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I was very excited to find someone locally where I could get Lumpia, and I wasn’t disappointed! So fresh and delectable, crispy, and indescribably delicious. The only disappointment came when they were gone-next time I will definitely order more! The sauce is also a must have! Thank you for filling my order on such short notice, you were a pleasure to do business with!
Teri Rainforth-Perez, 3/12/17
We ordered 4 dozen egg rolls for an art show that Art Attacks helped out with. They turned out to be a great grab and go food for the people at the event and out of everything that was catered in, only the egg rolls were all gone at the end of the night. We even had wine leftover! That means that these egg rolls are more addictive than alcohol!
Art shows (and likely other events too) are more awesome with Awesome Egg Rolls!
Kevin Thompson, 3/11/17
My daughter and I won 4 dozen of these wonderful egg rolls from a contest and we were so excited….we had them for dinner the night we won them and what I can I say they were by far the best egg rolls I have ever eaten they were crispy and the filling was amazing and generous portions inside as well…these were also approved by my 2 younger children as well…what an amazing treat…don’t hesitate to purchase these!!!! Also the owners were the nicest people u have ever met!!! So kind and friendly great customer service all around!!!
Heidi Anson, 1/6/17
My family and I loved these egg rolls!! They were crispy with just the right amount of crunch, and plenty of filling on the inside. By the far the best egg rolls we’ve ever had. We will definitely be buying more!
Linney Ryan, 3/12/17
We loved these eggrolls, going to make it a habit i think. I got 2 dozen,was going to give some to my son and family, but gonna have to get more. They are so perfect and cute! We love them! Thank you Tess! See ya soon!
Lisa Silvey, 1/5/17
Absolutely amazing. These are the best egg rolls I’ve had! Great service and great people! Highly recommend. Everyone NEEDS to try these.
Shawn Holly, 12/17/16
I got 2 dozen today and just want you to know these are the best egg rolls I have ever tasted oh wow I really think these are my favorite food ever thank you very much.
Danielle Overton, 1/1/2017
OMG! I could not wait to try them and cooked a package up for dinner. By far the best I’ve ever had. I’ll be needing more soon. Great job.
Danielle Sillman , 2/25/2017
I haven’t had Egg Rolls this good in a very long time they were I will definitely be ordering more very soon. They were Awesome Egg Rolls!
Jann A. Henopp, 1/9/2017
Had these last week and loved them!!! Great party food. Easy to make!
Joe Dworak , 3/11/2017
The lumpia is a big hit in our house, my family loves them!
Sarah Renée, 2/8/2017
They were the best, took them to work and everyone loved them.
Laura McDonald Miller , 04/12/2017
I won 2 dozen eggrolls from a raffle for the women’s expo. Just fried them up last night. They were really good!! Nice change from the average egg roll! These are a must try!!!
Lesley Strom, 4/13/2017
To all my Facebook friends in the Omaha area this is the best eggs rolls I have ever tasted everybody should order some great great food.
SDave J G Rec, 5/11/2017
The owners were the nicest and most humble vendors during the Taste of Omaha. On top of that, the egg rolls that they served were delicious. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting excellent customer service or good food. 5 stars by far
Ben Hutchison, 06/05/2017
Awesome food, great people, excellent customer service gave me and friend free lumpia even though i didn’t have enough. Where else can you go to get the Best of the best traditional filipino food? Love it!
Jerel So'Incredible Dunn, 06/16/2017






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